Mahesh CG

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The Swiss Cheese Cyber Security Defense-in-Depth Model

There is no single action that will protect you from #malware.

The Swiss cheese model, based on the principle of layered protection and named for its analogy to slices of cheese set in a stack to prevent holes, is used as a metaphor for how to prevent cyber threats.

The Swiss cheese model of accident causation was developed in 1990 by Dante Orlandella and James Reason of the University of Manchester and is a theoretical model used in risk analysis and the principle behind layered security.

The more layers of #defense cybersecurity professionals have in place, the better able they are to protect their systems from attack. Combining multiple types of security technologies that address network, hardware, and end-user vulnerabilities is critical to ensure that all possible #attackvectors are covered and threats can be quickly identified and remediated if prevention is not possible.


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