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The Importance of Zero Trust in Today’s Remote Workforce

The shift towards remote work has made Zero Trust Network Architecture more important than ever. Learn about the benefits of ZTNA and how it can help protect against cyber threats, comply with data privacy regulations and improve security in a distributed and dynamic environment. Check out my latest article for more information.

Cybersecurity Career Path

Over the years, cybersecurity career paths have become more formalized as security incidents have increased and the skills required to keep companies safe have become more specialized. As a result, the cybersecurity field offers distinct career paths with milestones to be met and requirements to fulfill. The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) International developed a career path

Uber Hacked – Full Access Granted to Hacker

A breach in Uber’s computer network was discovered that caused several internal communication systems and engineering systems to be taken offline by the company. It appears that there have been many internal systems at Uber that have been compromised by this breach. It has almost been confirmed that the hackers have accessed Uber to its

How the U.S. Government is Spending Billions on Cybersecurity?

In recent months, the House of Representatives has been hard at work drafting colorful spending bills for the 2023 financial time. While these bills give backing for a vast array of government programs and agencies, there was one thing that stands out. inclusively, the bills that are making their way through the house allocate a stunning
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