Mahesh CG

Consultant – IT Security | Data Privacy Enthusiast | CISA | CEH v11 | CCNA |

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July 25, 2022, Alisha worked with Mahesh but on different teams

Mahesh and I work in the same company handling different departments. But, this has never limited me to appreciate his abilities.

Mahesh, as an IT Manager has proven, how things can work more productive being calm and patient.. He is someone who is always interested in delivering the best quality work for any given assignment.

His best ability is that he calmly manages all the assignments even in the toughest situations and pressure.

His communication skills are always impressive.

Mahesh always lends a helping hand to all those who are in need which is a rare quality found nowadays.

He has been a supportive colleague and an amazing friend.

Management and presentation skills, consistent efforts, handling assignments, communication and his amazing certifications are more than enough to prove his standout talent.

I would highly recommend Mahesh if you want to get the job done on time with professionalism and ethics.

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